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Day 1: complete

My first day back at physical therapy was great!  I was able to bend my knee to 78 degrees for the first time after keeping it straight for two weeks!  Now, this is where the game starts.  Yes, being able to keep my leg straight is very important but bending is  where it gets tough.  I have to do my exercises everyday which include:  heel slides, wall slides, ankle pumps, quad sets and straight leg raises.  It is very painful, but I gotta do it!  My goal is to get back to school and not have to be on crutches because I am living on the third floor, yikes!!

Here is my knee bending at around 78 degrees!

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Rolling right along

Today I got my stitches out!  Everything is looking great minus the blistering I have around the incision sites, which will heal.  I have the clearance to start physical therapy and I will be starting tomorrow morning!  The quicker I start, the faster I will be able to walk with no brace or crutches!  What I am not excited about it the pain from working the new ACL.  This also is slowing down the rehab process on my left knee, which is almost at 4 months post-op.  Finally I have something to do during the day besides laying around!


Stitches out!

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One step at a time

After two weeks of being a captive in my own room, I was feeling brave enough to try and go downstairs.  Since my left leg is still pretty weak from ACL surgery in April, I have been fearing the steps.  I sucked it up and went down the stairs extra carefully and finally was out of my room!  I was able to lay on the couch and go in the kitchen, I have some of my independence back!

And Monday I get my stitches out! Wahoo!

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Week 1

Here are pictures of my knee on a weekly basis! Swelling has gone down! (ignore my left knee’s scar)

Two days after surgery:                                  A week after surgery:

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“Things will get better”

Today marks one week after surgery!  I made it!  I have done nothing but lay in bed, watch television, and go on the computer.  The days are becoming one, because it all feels the same.  I know I can’t be doing anything really, but it just gets so boring!  I have an appointment next Monday to get my stitches out which means I can start physical therapy, which is going to be super rough.  I am thankful that I haven’t felt real pain, but it’s starting to hurt whenever I get up and the blood rushes down my leg.  That is the worst!  I know that everyday my knee heals more and more and I can’t wait until the day comes and I can start living my life again!!!

This has been my mantra the past week:

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Today, I started off with one of the best showers.  I needed to shower and my mom and I figured out a way to make it easier.  You aren’t supposed to shower until a week after surgery, but I honestly could not wait so we put a trash bag over my brace and bandages which allowed me to take a shower.  A little part of my brace got wet, but it was so worth it and I also put new sheets on my bed, it feels like I am a whole new person!! A good way to start off another day just laying around doing nothing!!

I want to thank my best friends Sloane, Haley, and Aly for visiting me yesterday.  Sloane brought me little cupcakes from Baked by Melissa in New York and Haley and Aly made me a New Orleans Hurricane drink from New Orleans.  Thank you guys for brightening up my day and spirits 🙂 (goon squad yee yee!!)

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What you can gain

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.  You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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Today snoozed by!

Thank goodness I was able to sleep all day because being uncomfortable with this pain is no fun!  I also received exercises from my PT that I should start doing to help the swelling and start the blood pumping including quad sets, leg lifts, ankle pumps, and to keep icing and elevating my leg!  I will do as much as the pain will allow, but then again I have to take it slow this time around…  It doesn’t help that I am very impatient and want to be better a.s.a.p!!!

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