And you think you have it bad?

Let me catch you up on my long journey of knee pain…or should I say short since it all happened within a year.

As a freshman I played mostly the full season very healthy.  It was the best lacrosse I have ever played in my entire life.  With four games left to play in the regular season, I tore my right knee’s ACL while playing Lebanon Valley College.  I was getting a pick set for me and as I was driving to goal, my foot got caught on the turf and my body went one way as my knee stayed straight.  I got a cadaver tendon put in my knee for a quicker recovery on June 7, 2011.  I was awarded 2nd team all conference and I was voted rookie of the year by my teammates.

As a sophomore, I was anxious to get back to where I left off.  I had dreams of becoming an All-American and becoming a leader on the lacrosse field.  I worked really hard to get strong and to get back to the high level of playing.  But in the beginning of the season, when I went out to go shoot around with some girls, my knee ‘cracked’.  At the time, I thought it was scar tissue cracking away, but little did I know, it was my ACL tearing.  I only played three games until  I tore my left knee’s ACL.  I’m guessing I tore it because I was over compensating for my right knee.  I got surgery April 6, 2012, and now I am still rehabing my knee .  This time I used my own patellar tendon as the graft.  It has been only 3 months out of surgery and I have 3 more to go.

Now, being an incoming junior I have two more surgeries to look forward to (joy)!  The reason why my right knee’s ACL is partially torn is because my body didn’t take the cadaver.  When you have this type of surgery, the doctor has to drill a tunnel in your bones to connect the new graft.  Since the cadaver wasn’t properly being taken by my body it got inflamed and made the tunnel larger.  This means I have very large holes in my bone. The first surgery will include plugging the holes up and the second surgery will be an ACL reconstruction surgery and I will be using the patellar tendon.

Lacrosse is one of my passions and it kills me inside that I may not be able to play again.  Now, I have to think about my future. Would I like to be able to run with my kids without any knee pain?  I would do anything to get back on the field, but having all of this done practically in a year and so young, I have to decide if continuing is best for me and its killing me.

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One thought on “And you think you have it bad?

  1. Mike Faith says:


    I’m behind you 100%! You are and always will be a J.


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