One of my lasts

My badge!

Today is my last day at my internship, hopefully just for now.  I intern at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and my title is the visual communications and new media intern.  I work with the Zoo’s social networks and on the website.  It upsets me that today is one of my ‘lasts’ before surgery.  I feel like my summer is ending in a couple days but in reality I still have half of the summer to go.  It sucks to think that I am going to miss the hott days by the pool, the cool nights outside with my friends, and trips to the beach.  Hopefully I will be able to still go out once my knee heals a little bit but I am not sure what the protocol is for this type of surgery.  It just saddens me that I haven’t had a real summer for the past 2 summers.  I pray that next summer will bring happiness and opportunities that I can enjoy while being surgery free!!

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One thought on “One of my lasts

  1. Mara says:

    WHAT A WOMAN!!!! looking hot on ur badge

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