Chapter 3, Page 1

First, I would like to thank all of my friends and family for their support and encouraging words.  Thank you to everyone who wished me luck and had me in their prayers, it means the world to me knowing that I have people supporting me.

Yesterday was just a crazy day.  As we were driving the hospital, I forgot my license.  Typical Bari!  So we had to rush home and grab it and we arrived to the hospital 15 minutes late.  Being fashionably late to your own surgery…why not?  Once we got there, we saw many familiar faces.  In pre-op, all the nurses recognized me and my cheetah brace.  They told me that they didn’t want to see me again after this surgery!!

When I woke up after surgery, my whole leg was numb.  I got a nerve block in all my previous surgeries and I made sure I got one this time.  Right now, my whole right leg is numb still.  My doctor told my mom that he fixed the holes in my bone AND gave me a new ACL using my patellar tendon AND repaired my torn meniscus.  That is great news because I do not need a second surgery! YAY 🙂

Today, I am not looking forward to feeling the pain…at all.  Now it is time for online shopping, reading, watching a lot of television and movies..wahoo…

If you want to visit me and keep me company that would be awesome!!!  Thank you everyone!!

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