Today, I started off with one of the best showers.  I needed to shower and my mom and I figured out a way to make it easier.  You aren’t supposed to shower until a week after surgery, but I honestly could not wait so we put a trash bag over my brace and bandages which allowed me to take a shower.  A little part of my brace got wet, but it was so worth it and I also put new sheets on my bed, it feels like I am a whole new person!! A good way to start off another day just laying around doing nothing!!

I want to thank my best friends Sloane, Haley, and Aly for visiting me yesterday.  Sloane brought me little cupcakes from Baked by Melissa in New York and Haley and Aly made me a New Orleans Hurricane drink from New Orleans.  Thank you guys for brightening up my day and spirits 🙂 (goon squad yee yee!!)

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2 thoughts on “Refreshed

  1. jake max says:

    you like that bourbon street? better come visit your cousin.

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