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Strength, gotta have it


And I’m back at it

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been super busy with the start of school.  Wow, it has been crazy.  I haven’t walked this much in so long!  My knees are feeling it!  I ice everyday in the morning and at night.  I start physical therapy at Drevna in Lancaster next week and I am excited to keep truckin’ along my long road to recovery.  I am sadly still in the big ol’ black brace, which is the best accessory when I go out (not!).  I cannot wait until I can take that off my leg for good!!  Being around my team and everyone at school supporting me and asking how I am doing really makes me happy.  Thank you everyone for your kindness and support, it means the world to me 🙂

Two steps forward

Today I rode the bike and did the elliptical for the first time 🙂


How could I forget ???


Almost there!

6 weeks in the brace straight legged (locked) (August 17th makes it a month since surgery)

2 weeks in the brace unlocked

Then I am free !!!!!!

A bad attitude? Yeah right!

Always have to keep positive even on your darkest days!


Before I started physical therapy, my doctor told me he wanted me to take it slow.  He wanted me to bend my knee to 120 degrees throughout a 6 week period.  I knew that that was a very easy goal to accomplish.  Yesterday, my fourth day of physical therapy, I was able to achieve my goal.  I was able to bend my knee to 120 degrees!  Go me!

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New and improved!

No more steri strips and scabs! Welcome new skin and scars!

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As I got my knee to bend to 115 degrees yesterday, I am rewarding myself to the day at the pool 🙂

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