Gold medalist

Week 3 is slowly coming to an end and I had such an eventful week.  I got my stitches out, I started physical therapy, and I have been having the most itchiest bumps above my knee and on my other leg.  It seriously kept me up at night.  I went to the doctors and they prescribed me a stronger steroid cream to apply to the itchy areas, and boy it helps!  I am unsure why I have this rash/bumps but they freakin suck!  Also, my knee was very maserated and was oozing from the incision site.  Now it is pretty much all dried up.  I think things are finally healing and getting better.  I also can now walk!!! But with the brace and crutches of course.  Everyday I get a little bit better and the pain I endure at physical therapy when trying to bed my knee I know is worth it.  I mean then again this is my third time going through this process.  You can say I am a gold medalist at ACL surgeries.

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