Monthly Archives: October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from B’s Knee’s!


Work Work Work

Everyday is a new day to get a little bit better!

Stay grinding

I haven’t been this sore since sometime around April!  It feels good to feel the burn and its not my knees! Gotta stay grinding! 🙂

Holy Hamstring!

Today was a great day at PT!  We amped it up!  I did lunges for the first time in months, I did harder core exercises, and I did deeper squats!  Soon enough I will be back running!  I am going to be SO sore tomorrow, but it’s a good thing 🙂

3 Month Anniversary!!

It has been 3 months since surgery!  All my hardwork and dedication is truely paying off 🙂

Nothing is too small


I’ve learned that nothing is too small to celebrate for.  Every little accomplishment I conquer takes me one more step to where I want to be.  Staying happy and positive is making my road to recovery that much easier!


Maybe doing the elliptical at the gym for 60 minutes wasn’t a smart idea….ouch!

A Reminder

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