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The extra mile


Slow my roll!

With the excitement that came with the greatest news that I could run came a very big adrenaline rush.  I ran 2 miles the day I got the clearance and I did 2 miles a day the next two days after that.  After not being able to walk because my calves felt like they were ripping, I realized I needed to slow my roll.  I need to ease my way into it and I need to give my muscles a break!  I have been exhausted!  Little by little I will be back at it like how I used to be!  Patience is key!

Like I never left!

It felt so good to finally be able to run outside, even though I am SUPER sore!

Back at it!

Another 2 miles down in the books!  It honestly feels amazing to be running again.  It has been a long 7 months and I am excited to get back at it and get my legs back.  My doctor said I have to run with my brace on, even on the track or treadmill, which is kind of annoying, but it’s better than not running at all!



Best comes to those who wait

I got the greatest news that I could start running and today I ran my first two miles! It just keeps getting better and better!

Happy Turkey Day!

Hopefully tomorrow I can run off some of the food I will be eating tonight!! Fingers crossed!!

Wonderful things

4 months!

Happy 4 month anniversary to my right knee!!!!!

Closer and closer

4 days until my 4 month anniversary and a couple more days until I can start to run 🙂

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