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First day: complete

First day of practice: complete!  Even though all I did was conditioning and stick work, I haven’t been this happy and excited to get back on the field and be with the team.  Everyday is just another day to get better and I am taking full advantage of that.  One more month until I can actually play and I am counting down the days! 🙂


Here it goes!


My friend Tyler Clark wearing a B’s Knee’s fan shirt!

Lacrosse starts tomorrow and I excited to say that I will be practicing (as much as I can)!  I am excited to be back out on the field, even if its for just running.  March is coming quickly and I am working hard to get back!

So it begins

Today was our first day of captain’s practice!  One more week until our official season starts!  Even though I was only able to run and do stick skills with the team, it felt 100% better to be out on the field again and with my team.  I am working even harder to get stronger before it is time for me to come back!  No stopping me now….in my two braces!!! 🙂

Bionic Bari

My new uniform for this season! WATCH OUT!


Fast feet

Along with the stamina, I will need fast feet if I want to get back into game shape!  Today I did ladders for the first time in months and it felt great!  I will have to be extra speedy along with wearing two knee braces!


Tis the season

Had a very happy doctor appointment today with news that I will be cleared to play in 2 months!!!! It’s a great day to be a JAY!


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