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#14 back in action


All of my hard work has paid off!  Starting next week I am going to be 100% practicing with the team!  I am so excited!!!  Watch out!



One more test

Tomorrow my trainer is going to give me tests to see if she is comfortable with me playing next week.  I am VERY confident that I will pass her test with flying colors!  I have one more doctors appointment this Friday, just to get the final ‘okay’.  B’s Knee’s will be back in action baby!!!!


During practice I started to really re-introduce lacrosse back to my body.  I was catching feeds from behind the goal from some of the attackers on the team who are also out because of injuries and I was dodging from up top.  I was shaking the rust off of my stutter step dodge and my left handed shot.  It is very real that I am able to fully practice with the squad next week and I am very confident (as much as I can be) that I will be able to positively help my team.  I can’t freakin’ wait!!!!!!

So freakin’ close!

Today is the first day of our season!  We play Dickinson at home, which should be a good game!  After last years match up, we want revenge!  As of today, t-minus a week and a half until I am back on the field!!!!  I just got over the stomach flu and now my hip is sore, I swear it is one thing after another!!!  But I am SO ready to be back at it!!!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO JAYS!

Three choices


Almost there

It’s almost time to get back at it!  I am doing rehab 3x a week and I am running everyday.  My goal to getting back on the field is so close, I can almost see it. I just have to keep going and pushing myself to get better because it will be all worth it in the end! 🙂

Go Ravens!

Nothing like a Baltimore Ravens win in the Superbowl!  Now it is our turn to win another MAC championship and this time I won’t be on the sideline injured!  Here we go!! 🙂 🙂

Must strengthen!!

Now that I am running with the team, my body is being re-introduced to sprinting and game-time running.  My legs haven’t been doing this type of workout since last March and I am able to see where I need to workout more in rehab and in the gym: HAMSTRINGS!  Time to get after it, 1 more month left on the ‘injured list’!

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