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Working the camera

You must embrace the brace(s)



The road continues

The blue jays made it to playoffs!  We play our rivals, Messiah, on Thursday.  Time to do what we do best and defend our title! HERE WE GO!!! 🙂 🙂

Two Brace Swag

If there could be an ACL brace model, I think I should be the spokes-girl.Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 1.28.36 PM


“Be brave and be patient. Have faith in yourself; trust in the significance of your life and the purpose of your passion. You are strong enough to sit in the space between spaces and allow divine inspiration to shed some light. When you put positive energy and productive effort into the world it will come back to you. Occasionally in ways you might not immediately understand and on a time frame you didn’t expect. Look. Listen. Learn. Stay open. Your destiny is awaiting you.”
— Jillian Michaels

Note to self

Town runs do not agree with the knees! Running down hills is just killer on my recovering ACL’s. But what is a girl suppose to do when it is beautiful out??


Yesterday was a very important game to me.  It was against Stevenson University, which is located in my hometown. The last time we played them, I tore my first ACL the week of that game and I was so upset.  Even though we didn’t come out with a victory, I played hard in this game.  I was playing not only for my team, but for my family who was there.  I was proud about the way my team hustled and I was proud in myself.  I think I really did everything in my power to help my team on the draws and I think I made an impact.  Our next game is against Messiah and we hate them (that is putting it lightly).  Time to put our heels in the ground and grind!


My grandma and Mom at the game!

My mantra


One year anniversary!

Today marks the  one year anniversary of my left knee’s ACL!  Can’t believe how fast time has gone by and all the progress I have made. It just shows that being passionate, dedicated, and having a positive outlook on things really can take you anywhere.  It’s a great day to be a jay!! 🙂


Game day B’s Knee’s

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