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Sentimental Post

With lacrosse season beginning, it is weird that I am not outside in the freezing cold for 2.5 hours everyday.  It was a personal choice to not play this year but I still miss the feeling of dreading practice, hanging out in the training room for hours and harassing our trainers, blasting music in the locker room, and being around my team and best friends everyday.  BUT, I did spend the last three years having the best time of my life and I do not regret one thing (even getting injured over and over again).  I may not have a senior year season, but I sure have millions of memories and friends that will last me a life time.  I also have two years of being a champion, so BEAT THAT!! 🙂



Ex-Lax Comes Up Short

I couldn’t ask for a better squad to end my last intramural bball season with.  Our last game included blood, sweat, cursing, pushing and almost fighting and I loved every second of it.  Ex-Lax may not be #1, but we are #1 in your hearts.



Work in progress

Progress to getting these bad boys back to what they used to be…3 years ago…


New Year

Happy new year from B’s Knee’s (7 days later)!!!  Let this new year bring happiness, positivity, and new goals!   Let this year also be a healthy year most importantly.  Everyday is a day to get better and stronger and nothing can hold you back.  Enjoy the little things and live in the present because that is what truly matters. 🙂


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