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This past semester, I went to Elizabethtown Fittness club every Tuesday and Thursday morning and got my body whooped into shape at the E-HIIT classes.  I have seen serious progression in my lower body  strength, especially in my squats and my core strength.  Rob taught the Tuesday morning classes and he helped me get back to a perfect squat.  My mornings wouldn’t have been complete without Molly and Christa, who went through these tough workouts with me.  With only three more weeks at E-town, I will seriously miss Rob and these classes!


Post-Workout, excuse the sweat 🙂



TGIS Circa 2011

Exactly three years ago was my first TGIS celebration at school and I had to rock the ace bandage on my right knee.  It didn’t stop me from having the time of my life, but it was the beginning of a life changing journey.  I had entered the ACL club with my friend Shelby.  Keep in mind- 5 girls on my team tore their ACL’s during the 2010-2011 season.  But on a happier note- HAPPY TGIS!

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I Spy..

I spy a swollen left knee!!!  The cause? Not too sure, but I probably have been working it too hard with the running I have been doing outside.  B’s Knee’s need to suck it up!! 🙂


This Happened..

And then this happened, directly on my scar.  Talk about great placement…


Run Before the Sun

I decided to go on a run before my internship today…and the sun! (Notice the snow on the ground…in the middle of April)


Swim More!

This summer I am promising myself that I will do more then run to keep in shape.  This will benefit my body and especially my knees.  This morning, my friend Natalie and I, did laps in our schools pool.  I can’t wait to swim outside, stay in shape, and get tan all at the same time!


Two Years Yesterday

On April 6, 2012, I was cutting on a 1v1 drill and went down on my left knee.  What I didn’t know was that I was already playing with a torn ACL in my right knee!  This led to my second ACL surgery, but first surgery on my left knee (SO CONFUSING).  I had to miss my sophomore season to heal and get better, but little did I know what I had to encounter two months after surgery….ANOTHER surgery!

Photo on 2012-07-18 at 09.21


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I do a 50 minute HIIT class at the local gym around my school.  It kicks my butt every. single. time.  I have definitely have seen an increase in my leg strength and it’s awesome progress.


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