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Blue Jay Family

It’s always great to play against a fellow blue jay alumni (even though her team beat mine).  We will get your team back Cait!!! Great day to be a jay!! 🙂



Working Hard or Hardly Working

This summer I am really focusing on getting my legs stronger (I have been sore since Friday).  I want to keep adding muscle to my legs to keep everything strong and sturdy for when I play in summer lacrosse games, run in races, and  just for every day activities.  Not to mention, a little tan on the legs make them look even better too (look good, play good).  🙂


Starting with a W

This summer I am playing in Metro Summer League in Owings Mills, MD and I am representing the purple team and we just had our first W!  I haven’t played in a game since the first round NCAA game in 2013!! My knee’s felt great and I still have my speed (what’s left of it)!!  It was great to be back on field and I am looking forward to a great and fun summer!


Baltimore 10-Miler

I did it!  I finished the Baltimore 10-Miler and I beat my goal!  I finished the race in 1:28 with a 8:50 per mile pace.  I am so proud of myself for pushing through and finishing this very hilly race.  I am also very proud of my knee’s for making it through without any problems or aches!  I am already itching to take on another race!!  Baltimore Half Marathon, I am coming for you!! 🙂



In Preparation

My first run at NCR Trail!  I LOVED it!!! Great way to spend this beautiful afternoon outside and prepping for the 10-miler next Saturday!


Baltimore 10-Miler

I finally signed up for the Baltimore 10-Miler race on June 14th….here goes nothing!! 🙂


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