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Purple Pansies

Don’t let the name fool you.  Despite the fact that we came in 7th place, we still came out victorious!  We’ll get ’em next time!



Another Beautiful Day

Another beautiful summer day getting better and stronger!


Flash Back Friday

It has been two years since my third and final surgery and it has been two years since I started this blog.  I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my journey,  my blue jay family, friends, and everyone and anyone who has read this blog and have had some sort of inspiration & motivation.  Keep positive, smiling, and have a kick-ass attitude and you can do anything- even if the odds are against you!



It’s been over a week since my last post, but I have been very busy!  Last week, I was working the Brine National Classic Lacrosse tournament and I was able to help assist coach team Illinois.  I only helped for their second day and we went 1-1!!   I also  met other lacrosse players my age that played at other schools that were working with me.  I met a girl who tore her ACL a couple of times and is still playing and I also met another girl who hurt her knee, let’s just say it is a common theme in the WLax world.

Last week I wasn’t able to really work out or run since I was working 12-13 hours a day and I was exhausted.  I have been doing over load to get my legs back. Yesterday at summer league, team purple beat team teal in a nail biting game.  Today, I decided to run outside at 4:30 pm. Let’s just say that wasn’t the smartest idea, I am still sweating and it’s been an hour!



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