It’s been over a week since my last post, but I have been very busy!  Last week, I was working the Brine National Classic Lacrosse tournament and I was able to help assist coach team Illinois.  I only helped for their second day and we went 1-1!!   I also  met other lacrosse players my age that played at other schools that were working with me.  I met a girl who tore her ACL a couple of times and is still playing and I also met another girl who hurt her knee, let’s just say it is a common theme in the WLax world.

Last week I wasn’t able to really work out or run since I was working 12-13 hours a day and I was exhausted.  I have been doing over load to get my legs back. Yesterday at summer league, team purple beat team teal in a nail biting game.  Today, I decided to run outside at 4:30 pm. Let’s just say that wasn’t the smartest idea, I am still sweating and it’s been an hour!




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