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Alumni Will Always Win

It’s been two weeks since alumni weekend and I still am so humbled by the whole experience. Not only was I reunited with my Bluejay family, it was just so nice to be back in that atmosphere. The best part was that the old, out-of-shape alumni BEAT the 2014 team! Yes, we may be a little rusty, but we still got our tricks! The next day…I. Could. Not. Walk. and I think my knees were a tad bit swollen…

It was all worth it and I can’t wait until next years alumni weekend. LOVE MY BLUEJAY FAM! GDTBAJ

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Fall Running

And the best time of the year has arrived…the fall season! Not only is the weather PERFECT for being outside and running, but it also is so beautiful! Yesterday, I went on a nice & long trail run on the NCR trail. It was what the doctor ordered after a VERY fun alumni weekend!


Alumni Weekend Begins!

Is it 5:30 pm yet?! This weekend is my first alumni and homecoming weekend! Guess who is playing in the Women’s lacrosse alumni game?! I got my brace packed up and ready to go! The game is tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to BEAT the current team! It’s going to be amazing to be playing with my best friends, sisters and teammates who have been a large part of my life since the moment I met them! HERE WE GO JAYS!!!! #ECWLAX #BACKTOBACKCHAMPS


Rainy Day

Spotted: B’s Knee’s



This is just amazing! Over 700 repins on Pinterest!!! I hope my story has inspired others to stay positive no matter what life throws at you! 🙂

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