10 Miles

The truth is, I’ve been slacking on my training, but with Lorrie and Christl by my side, we conquered 10+ miles! Happy Saturday!



Another Season

Another successful season with Rec Room lacrosse! Now it’s time to rest and continue training for my busy running schedule next month. Next up: Baltimore 10-miler!18193942_10209298966179467_3835552820655252275_n

Miami Miles

A cool 5 miles in the Miami heat!


5 Years!

It’s been 5 years since surgery #2! Where has time gone?!


Half Marathon Training

I’ve officially committed to a half-marathon training program with Charm City Run in Baltimore! No more excuses. No more “I can’t run past 10 miles.” It’s going to be tough, but it’s going to be so much!


Sunday Funday

This weather is making me so happy ! 5 miles done and 10 miles complete for the week ⭐️


January Recap

This past month has been filled with lots of exciting stuff! After the holidays, I took some time to relax and reset. I started up again with Crossfit and Bikram Yoga. I’ve never done yoga in my life and my first class was in a 104 degree room. Talk about a sweat session! I think the main takeaway from Bikram is learning how to not think about anything and to actually relax – which I think I did! I also visited one of my best friends in New York and another one in Washington, DC to do a FlyWheel spin class! I also participated in my first in-house Crossfit competition at my box. It was a partner workout and we had fun instead of trying to come in first place. February is quickly approaching – let’s get it!




Runners High in Mile High

A cool 6 miles in Denver, Colorado! IMG_1767.JPG

Santa Put In His Miles & So Did I

Santa can’t be the only one to put in some miles today! I clocked in a solid 7 in empty Baltimore! Now time to open some presents! Happy holidays!

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Sunday Brunch, Minus the Brunch

I had a reservation for 1 on the roads of Baltimore. I would give it five stars ✨ IMG_1265.PNG

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