Labor Day Weekend in the Mountains

10 miles in the mountains ✔️ This weekend I traded in the city for the country side with my second family in West Virginia! Summer and I crushed 10 miles this morning and it felt great! Theres nothing like a long run with a long time best friend!


Nothing like a wake up call like tripping over your own feet! This morning, on my run to the gym, I tripped and fell and scraped my elbow right open. What was even more embarrassing was that someone saw me! The weekend is definitely needed. 🙂


Waking Up at the Beach

Nothing like a little girls weekend at the beach! But first,  crankin’ out some miles!


A Little Speed Bump

Two weeks ago at the Shootout for Soldiers game, I was playing and landed a little funky on my right knee (with the brace, might I add). I pulled myself out of the game and iced. Panic instantly took over me. My first thought was, “OMG, did I just do this again…” I calmed down and I just knew that it wasn’t the ACL..I just tweaked something. I kept and eye on my knee for a couple days, cried about it and got mad at myself and made an appointment at the doctors. Passed all the ACL tests, got back to working out and this past weekend I went on my first run! With an MRI done, just in case, I feel a lot better. This little incident made me think about my future – should I hang up the cleats? At the end of the day, my knees are okay and I am back at it getting better, faster and stronger. 🙂


Shootout For Soldiers

Nothing like playing my favorite sport for a great cause! Shootout for Soldiers is 24 hour lacrosse event for veterans and active duty members. It was an honor to play and raise money for such a great cause. I had an active duty member play lacrosse for her first time on my team! It was awesome! 13507134_10206826844769475_4526739212049623860_n.jpg

Oh the Irony


When the Times Were Tougher

5 years ago?! I can’t even believe it! Where has the time gone?!Capture.PNG

Baltimore 10-Miler x 3

This past weekend I ran in my THIRD Baltimore 10-miler race! With a little bit of a course change and the extreme humidity, it was a bit tougher then previous years. I ran a little bit slower this year (am I getting older, or more out of shape??).  Nonetheless, it was so much fun and I can’t wait for next year!

9m Before 9am

After signing up for 10-miler for the third year in a row, I had to make sure I still had it! This morning I ran 9 miles and it felt great! Bring it on!unspecified

5 Years Ago

Oh, how time flies!


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