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Israel National Team

This past weekend I got an amazing opportunity to play for the Israel National Lacrosse team in Kings Point, NY in a showcase. It was so fun to help spread awareness for Israel lacrosse and the game, meeting new friends and just enjoying the sport! It’s unbelievable to think where lacrosse has taken me, even after 3 ACL surgeries.  We lost in double overtime, it was such an exciting game and weekend and I was very happy to be part of such an awesome program. I am so thankful that I’m able to continue playing at a competitive level!


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Every Dang Day

Can’t spell legendary without leg day!unspecified

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Here comes the pain

Well the nerve block has worn off and WOW it is starting to hurt.  I feel pain where I can feel the scars are located.  I am taking my pain medicine but holy cow its starting to hurt.  I don’t feel like moving out of my bed because I don’t want to irritate it but I am going to have to eventually to go the bathroom and get myself together.  Today may be a long day…

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Don’t judge a book by its cover

"My Knees"

Both knee’s will be matching soon enough

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