Jackson, MS

I had to explore my home for the weekend in Jackson, Mississippi! Hail State! :)


7 Before 7

When I found myself in Canton, I knew I had to turn around!


Chasing the Sun

Nothing like chasing the Baltimore sun with my roommate, Emily! Happy Friday!Photo Aug 21, 6 45 09 AM

R & R

After two weeks abroad in Israel, a beautiful Baltimore morning run was exactly what the doctor ordered!image

6 @ 6

6:00 AM wake up call to kill 6 miles! I made it through all of the Baltimore neighborhoods: Federal Hill to Fells Point to Canton!



5 days a week + 5 miles each day = 25 miles! Goal: crushed. TGIF!

Photo Jun 26, 9 43 39 AM

Baltimore 10-Miler

What a fun-filled weekend! The Baltimore 10-Miler was a success and it went by too quickly! My goal was to beat my time last year (1:28), but I ran the race in the exact time (well, 3 seconds difference). I really need to invest in a running watch… Next stop: Charles Street 12-Miler! :)



I clocked in my mileage for National Running day and will continue to keep running through the weekend at the Baltimore 10-miler!


The Month of May

This past month has FLOWN by and I can’t believe it’s already June! May has been filled with outdoors, some traveling and lots of running. This weekend is the Baltimore 10-miler (Yay!) and I’m prepared to beat my time from last year. I was in Chicago two weeks ago for work and ran a combination of 11 miles along the Navy Pier. It was B-E-A-UTIFUL! The weather was perfect, too. This week I’m backing up my mileage to make sure my legs are fresh for this weekend. Sadly, the weather in Baltimore doesn’t look too promising, but that won’t stop the fun. I’m so excited for this weekend!

Photo May 18, 8 01 30 AM



A beautiful way to welcome May! I had to make sure I still got it for the Baltimore 10-miler race in a month!

Photo May 02, 10 12 23 AMPhoto May 02, 10 12 58 AM


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