Look How Far I’ve Come

And look at me now :)


Beautiful Day

Today was an amazing day to be outside and playing lacrosse, only losing by 1 point, and enjoying a nice post-orange crush with my team!! Go Uglies!!

Photo Mar 15, 6 28 11 PM


Welp, after yesterday’s game I am SO SORE. Is this a sign that I’m getting old? I need the trainers…PRONTO!

First Post-College Game

A big thank you to the warmer weather for our first post-college lacrosse game! It’s so amazing to be playing with these girls. We may not have won today, but we are just getting warmed up…along with the weather! Let’s hope I’ll be able to walk tomorrow. No subs = death by midfield

Photo Mar 08, 12 50 11 PM

This Spring With My Jays!

This spring I might not be running USA’s or waking up for team breakfast, but I am playing in a league with my fellow alumni Blue Jays! I am SO excited to get back on the field with my family. Not only are we going to KILL it, but we will all be back in action together! Champions this year? I think so! Our first game is this Sunday…time to start hustling! :)Screen shot 2014-11-08 at 6.11.56 PM

“Warmer” Weather

When the weathermen call for “warmer” weather, I take advantage and run outside. Hello 40 degrees!

Photo Feb 07, 11 27 14 AM

Snow + Run

A little snow + a little sun = a perfect day for a run! (hey, that rhymed!)

Photo Jan 17, 12 13 17 PM


Happy New Year! This past year was filled with accomplishments and improvements and I can only imagine what 2015 will bring. Staying positive, surrounding yourself with good vibes and letting nothing stop you is what will bring you happiness and success. B’s Knee’s is ready to get stronger, better and faster! Cheers!



It’s Been A While

Since my gallbladder surgery, I have been working hard to get my endurance back to where it was. I had to take a little hiatus from running and working out for the beloved healing process. This weekend, I went back to my happy place and ran a nice 6 mile run on the NCR trail. I think I’m finally back in my groove :) My knee’s on the other hand, were a little shaken up and very sore and achy…well…they’ll get back used to it.

Photo Dec 20, 11 33 04 AM


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