High Heels

After walking for hours around New York City in heels, the knee’s aren’t too happy. *ow*12400513_10205742215974433_7673012513217666500_n


It’s going to be another killer year!


December Showers

Happy Christmas Eve! Sadly, we won’t be having a white Christmas in Maryland, but we will have a nice and WARM Christmas! I had to test out my new Asics in this crazy weather…approved!image

Turkey Trot

Decided to take myself to the NCR trail and have my very own Thanksgiving turkey trot! Now pass me seconds!! image

Monday Miles

It’s the middle of November and 63 degrees at 7:00 pm! I had to take advantage!


I Beat the Bridge

What an amazing race! This past Sunday, some of my co-workers and I #BeatTheBridge and it was the most perfect day (minus the numb toes and chilly winds before the start). Running across the bridge and the bay was beautiful and it was a really cool experience. I finished the race in 52 minutes (8:25 mi) and also got a medal (no free beer this time). I think the race bug has got me…I’m itching to do a half marathon next!

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10K Across the Bay

It’s almost run time! This Sunday I’ll be running across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the 10k Across the Bay race! I’m so excited to be running with some of my co-workers at friends. Time to #BeatTheBridge!



I definitely felt left out after not participating in the Baltimore Running Festival because of my college alumni weekend. This morning I pretended to be on a relay team and ran 7 miles! I am 100% participating next year, alumni weekend or not!

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October Weather

The weather this time of year really doesn’t get any better! Nothing like enjoying a beautiful run on my lunch break! yjaC_MTj_2qbp3WcWkCzRlnzQL1bnvoWQFjIrL999EA

Jackson, MS

I had to explore my home for the weekend in Jackson, Mississippi! Hail State! :)



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