“Warmer” Weather

When the weathermen call for “warmer” weather, I take advantage and run outside. Hello 40 degrees!

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Snow + Run

A little snow + a little sun = a perfect day for a run! (hey, that rhymed!)

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Happy New Year! This past year was filled with accomplishments and improvements and I can only imagine what 2015 will bring. Staying positive, surrounding yourself with good vibes and letting nothing stop you is what will bring you happiness and success. B’s Knee’s is ready to get stronger, better and faster! Cheers!



It’s Been A While

Since my gallbladder surgery, I have been working hard to get my endurance back to where it was. I had to take a little hiatus from running and working out for the beloved healing process. This weekend, I went back to my happy place and ran a nice 6 mile run on the NCR trail. I think I’m finally back in my groove :) My knee’s on the other hand, were a little shaken up and very sore and achy…well…they’ll get back used to it.

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Second Place Ain’t that Bad!

Last night, I attended The Mobbies Award event to see if B’s Knee’s Blog won the best Baltimore blog in the health/wellness category. I didn’t come in first place, but my blog did take second! It also came in third under the best personal blog category! I think that’s AWESOME!!! Win or lose, I love writing this blog and helping people stay positive no matter what life throws at them :)

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Let Me Catch You Up..

So, where do I begin. I thought my gallbladder surgery went well…until I had a severe allergic reaction to the adhesives the surgeon used. Now THAT is a story in itself, but I will give you the shorter version. Long story short, my body did NOT like the bandaids and steri strips my surgeon used and my stomach FLIPPED out and broke out in hives, blisters, itchy, gooey and a disgusting mess. Eight bags of ice later, I spent 6 hours in the ER to get some professional help. Today is the first day I have felt like a ‘normal’ person. The rash was so gross and it spread and took over the whole entire front of my body. I couldn’t sleep due to the itchiness and pain. Now, I have scabing in a bandaid form over the 4 incisions that the surgeon made. Thank the lord that I can wear real clothes and be a working part of society again.

OH and on top of that, I had strep throat!

*Note to self: I AM allergic to adhesives…I AM allergic to adhesives…


Oh The Memories…

This past Thursday I was back in the hospital for another procedure, but NOT for my knee’s. I had to get my gallbladder removed because I had gallstones, which brought me the worst pain (worst then all 3 ACL surgeries combined). Oh the memories of getting blood work, sitting in the prep room with the hospital gown and laying on the table being put under anesthesia. This all brought back many memories. Now I’m on day 3 of recovery, and it’s weird being able to get up and walk around. It’s weird that it’s not my legs that are in pain and swollen! Today, I am feeling much better and less uncomfortable and in pain. Always staying positive :)



Much needed words of positivity! Make sure to vote for THIS blog to win a Mobbie award presented by The Baltimore Sun! All you have to do is click right here: http://bit.ly/1oaGC2C and vote for THIS blog under the health/wellness category :)


Alumni Will Always Win

It’s been two weeks since alumni weekend and I still am so humbled by the whole experience. Not only was I reunited with my Bluejay family, it was just so nice to be back in that atmosphere. The best part was that the old, out-of-shape alumni BEAT the 2014 team! Yes, we may be a little rusty, but we still got our tricks! The next day…I. Could. Not. Walk. and I think my knees were a tad bit swollen…

It was all worth it and I can’t wait until next years alumni weekend. LOVE MY BLUEJAY FAM! GDTBAJ

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