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Make it happen


To anyone who had doubts, I’m making it happen.



Keep on going

Tuesday, we played Washington College and sadly lost 15-10.  But on the upside, I played throughout the whole game and I was able to use my skills to help win the draw and help our team score goals. I had a goal and an assist as well.  I need to keep working hard and keep chipping away at the rust that I still have.  As my dad says, “everything will work out.”  If I keep working hard and proving myself every day at practice, I will keep getting better!

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 10.11.02 AM

This is me, rocking the double brace, at Washington College.

Three P’s


Bari takes a tumble

Had my first fall today on the turf at practice and landed on both knee’s.  Got a little scratched up on my right knee, which is the knee I wear the compression sleeve on.  Probably first of many falls, but it is part of the game.  Other then that, I’ve been busting my butt this whole week in preparation for our game on Saturday against Catholic.  Everyday I get a little better and focus on things I need to clean up to get back to the player I was!  Now, time to rest!

She believed and she did!


Didn’t think I would be playing this season, but look at me now!

It will only get better

To think that in July my doctor told me that I wasn’t going to be able to play lacrosse for a year makes me realize that hard work really does pays off.  This week I came back to playing lacrosse after missing a full season, I endured two-a-days in the Myrtle beach heat (and wind) and I played in our game on Saturday and scored a goal.  I am humbled by the support from my teammates and the love I got after Saturday was unbelievable, which included the girls and their parents congratulating me.  I teared up with happiness because being able to say that I overcame all of these obstacles to get back to doing something I love makes everything worth while.  This is just the beginning and I want to be better everyday and nothing will stop me!


Two-a-day: COMPLETE

Today was a marvelous day!  We woke up to go to our morning practice, where I gained a lot more confidence on the field.  I was shooting more, assisting more and moving off ball better then yesterday.  Then when we came back, I was able to lay out by the pool and catch some rays.  We had a second practice this afternoon and did a lot of scrimmaging and it was another confidence booster!  At the end, the seniors pranked us with silly string, which lightened the mood greatly!  One more day of practice until our game against Swanee on Saturday! Here we go! 2013-03-07%2018.06.40 549241_4680174842141_1929644743_n

First practice: COMPLETE

My first FULL practice with the squad down in Myrtle Beach is complete!  I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when i heard my teammates cheer me on!  It is a great feeling to have 27 other girls behind you and making you feel confident.  We will see how sore I am tomorrow, I hope I won’t be too bad because we have two practices tomorrow!  Today is a great day to be a jay! 🙂


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