Monthly Archives: June 2013

Nothing comes that easy

Another new PR (on the treadmill, again)! 7:03 baby!!! See ya!!!


New PR

7:05 mile time (on the treadmill) bang.

Be better


Catching up

This morning I decided to add some sprints into my workout and man it felt good!  It’s so hard to have a steady workout  routine in the city so whenever I go to the gym I make sure I always switch it up. I also met a girl on the subway who plays in a pick-up league on Tuesdays and I got so excited.  I texted her asking her about the league and she didn’t respond — whatever.  I also decided that I am going to walk home from my internship instead of taking the subway.  I think it’s a great way to be outside, take in the city, and get the heart pumpin’ a little.  I never want to leave the city and it’s scary that I have been here for about a month, it feels like I just got here!

B’s Knee’s & working

I am now apart of the sales team at City Sports on 50 Broadway plus my internship. Let’s just say that 7 hour work days really do not agree with the whole knee thing. One day it’s the left knee, one day it’s the right, and then there are the times where both are screaming at me. Money is the motivator, especially in the Big Apple.

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